Bosch Rexroth’s RINEER Vane Motor Series Now Available Worldwide

September 15, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

With patented technology that makes max torque at zero RPM possible, Bosch Rexroth's hydraulic, high torque vane motors used in maritime and offshore and oil and gas industries are now available worldwide.

Bosch Rexroth's heavy duty RINEER vane motors are making their way overseas. The motors that have seen use in maritime and marine and oil and gas industries throughout North America are now available worldwide. The motors are made with a patented “vane-crossing-vane” design that allows them to create a more uniform powerband. With this technology, the RINEER motors are able to produce high torque at low speeds in addition to high torque at high speeds.


Hydraulic Vane Motors

Hydraulic vane motors are often used in different heavy-duty applications. They use the pressure difference created by a hydraulic oil pump to spin a shaft for a torque output. The shaft of the pump is supported by two bearings, one on either side of the cam chamber. The rotating shaft is shaped into a cam and vanes are located around the cylinder that the cam rotates in. 

Bosch Rexroth's RINEER hydraulic vane motors
Hyrdaulic vane motors find use in heavy duty applications. Image used courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


As the pressure is fed through the motor, the vanes leading the cam have the highest pressure, and the pressure is exerted through the vane onto the cam turning the motor.  As the shaft in the motor turns, there is a constant transition of pressure to the vane on the leading edge of the cam. If the feed of hydraulic oil is reversed in the motor, the motor will reverse direction, allowing for a dual-direction motor. 


Bosch Rexroth RINEER Motors

With their patented technology, Bosch Rexroth's hydraulic vane motors are capable of max torque at zero RPM, something that other hydraulic motors are incapable of. With vane-crossing-vane technology, the motors are also able to produce a more linear torque curve and smooth output over a wide speed range. The RINEER has an ideal power-to-weight ratio, allowing for maximum power with minimal weight. 


Bosch Rexroth's RINEER heavy-duty vane motors now available internationally

Bosch Rexroth's hydraulic vane motors are capable of max torque at zero RPM, thanks to their patented design. Image used courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


The motors have been designed to be robust and are made to operate in adverse conditions. This makes them ideal for maritime and offshore operations. Dirt from unclean environments is less of a concern since Bosch Rexroth designed the motors to deal with these conditions from the start, and oil cleanliness within the motors themselves is not as rigorous as it used to be in more traditional hydraulic motor systems.  

The vanes in the motor produce uninterrupted torque, while seals within the stator create a seal that keeps oil from moving from the high pressure section of the motor to the low pressure section. Continuous start and stop operations and motor reversal have been taken into account, making it possible to utilize these abrupt movements without mechanical wear within the motor. 

Bosch Rexroth RINEER heavy duty vine motors

The RINEER motors are ideal for tough, unclean, and heavy-duty environments like maritime and offshore and oil and gas. Image used courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


There are more than 70 different variants of the motor that contain a torque range from 248 Nm to 18.718 Nm, giving them a wide range of possible applications. In addition to a robust design, the motors are quieter, reducing the noise associated with heavy-duty work. Since the motors have a large torque range, it is possible to replace some gearbox installations that might otherwise be necessary, helping to reduce complexity for end users. 


Worldwide Durability

The Bosch Rexroth RINEER motors, now available worldwide, have been designed to operate in harsh environments, including the maritime and marine sector for winches and other heavy use equipment. The vane motors are capable of running even with contaminated oil, making them ideal for the tough environments that commonly utilize hydraulic motors. The motors have been designed to have a large torque range to help reduce the need for gearboxes and to create maximum torque at zero RPM.