High Torque Hägglunds Quantum Motors Now Available Through Rexroth

April 05, 2023 by Seth Price

Bosch Rexroth’s new Hägglunds Quantum motors offer high torque at high efficiency—fit for use on mobile machinery, such as construction or mining equipment, or in stationary processing facilities.

Rexroth, a fully owned subsidiary of Bosch, has improved its line of high-torque hydraulic motors. The new Hägglunds Quantum line has replaced the Hägglunds Quantum CB, offering higher torque of up to 350 kN-m (258,147 ft-lbs) and a maximum rotational speed of 150 rpm. These motors have evolved beyond the original CB line, causing Rexroth to develop this new Quantum line.


Hägglunds Hydraulic Motors

The new Hägglunds Quantum hydraulic motors are designed for high-torque and low-speed applications. As a hydraulic motor system, the motors can be used on mobile machinery, such as construction or mining equipment, or placed in stationary processing facilities. Rexroth states that installation is simple, and the motor’s compact design allows it to fit in places where a high-torque electric motor would not. The Hägglunds Quantum line delivers up to 3 MW (4203 hp) of power.


Hägglunds Quantum hydraulic motor

Hägglunds Quantum hydraulic motor. Image used courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


High-torque, Low-speed

These new motors will see the greatest use in applications that require high torque and do not require high rotational speeds. Passenger vehicles, for example, require higher rotational speeds and are likely not a market for this motor.

High torque is required in numerous materials processing applications, such as recycling, blending, and mining operations. Shredders and hammer mills for plastic and metal are more efficient when run at lower speeds and higher torques. In these applications, the high torque makes it easier to exceed the shear stress of the material, ripping it into smaller pieces for separation during recycling.


Hägglunds hydraulic motors being used to shred scrapped tires

Hägglunds hydraulic motors being used to shred scrapped tires. Image used courtesy of Bosch Rexroth


Already, Hägglunds hydraulic motors are used to shred scrapped tires. Instead of sending scrap tires to the landfill to be buried or potentially having them catch on fire to burn for years at a time, shredded tires can be used in certain structural components and landscaping projects. Many children’s playgrounds are padded with shredded tires. They make a soft landing spot for children falling from monkey bars or jumping from swings. The shredded tires are safer (with fewer splinters) than wood chips and more environmentally friendly.

In the mining industry, certain off-road vehicles, rock crushers, lifts, ball mill drives, and other such equipment do not suffer from running at low speeds. Instead, the low speed and high torque allow for more efficient power control for these operations. Mining trucks, for example, are not meant to run at high speeds for safety reasons. Instead, running them at lower speeds but with high torque will allow them to start and stop efficiently while carrying heavy loads.


Hägglunds Quantum

While many designs require either high-power output or high-torque output, the Hägglunds Quantum line offers both in a compact, efficient package. This motor will see use in multiple materials handling and processing applications. With its high efficiency, it can be expected to be a real benefit to recycling operations for reducing waste and repurposing materials at the end of their useful life. When doing a cradle-to-grave product analysis, these efficient motors in the recycling stage will ultimately lower the product’s end-of-life footprint.