Realtime Robotics Unveils New Realtime Controller With PLC Compatibility

May 06, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Realtime Robotics announce the release of its new Realtime Controller. How will this device accelerate and simplify robotic automation?

Realtime Robotics, Inc. (RTR) specializes in developing technology that enhances real-time motion planning for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Some of their recent developments have seen the incorporation of smart behavior into autonomous vehicles through their dedicated technology, known as Lightening.

The technology allows AV stack partners to forecast many possible scenarios as a vehicle moves in space. This enables the calculation of the safest most efficient motion plan in anticipation of these scenarios.

In the arena of robotics, RTR has devised a platform for automation of single and multiple robots so that they operate safely at full speed in unstructured and uncaged environments. Recently, the company announced the launch of its new Realtime Controller.


Realtime Controller With PLC Compatibility

The Realtime Controller connects directly with the customers' PLC and robot controller to enable autonomous calculation, communication, and collision-free movement. The Realtime Controller uses automated interlocks and interference zone-free multi-robot work cells, which significantly reduces deployment time and cycle time.



Realtime Robotics controller. Image used courtesy of Realtime Robotics. 


The device accelerates motion planning with the use of proprietary algorithms and advanced semiconductor technology, which allows it to operate 1000x faster than conventional approaches running on high-end graphics processing units. Robotic work cells can be integrated safely and efficiently, allowing robots to be deployed rapidly and enabling expansion into new areas that were previously cost-prohibitive.  

With the Realtime Controller’s capabilities, manufacturers can quickly and easily plan, simulate, and validate automation through the entire deployment.



The Realtime Controller works in conjunction with RTRs’ Software/Web interface within their RapidPlan Solution. The robot and sensor agnostic technology includes an easy-to-use visualization toolkit, which defines regions where the robots will need to move. The toolkit creates a roadmap of potential motions to maneuver the robot, its end-effector, and payloads are autonomously around known static and dynamic obstacles.


realtime robotics graphic

Realtime Robotics graphic of the Realtime controller and it's compatibility with other components. Image used courtesy of Realtime Robotics. 

The combination of a software toolkit and an application program interface (API) not only enables easy integration with PLCs and robot controllers, but picking systems, simulation software, and other task planning solutions. The user-friendly web-based interface allows companies to configure and monitor robot work cells, including visualizing robot motions and managing fault conditions.

Also, Realtime’s motion planning enables immediate and autonomous fault recovery solutions for multi-robot work cells. If operators want to make a change to the robot program, this can be implemented online and within minutes. This saves the costs of programming and process downtime.


Flexible Usage

Overall, RTR RapidPlan solution and new Realtime Controller benefits customers by providing easy programming, planning, multi-robot support, and flexibility. The RapidPlan solution is suitable for use in structured environments where locations and positions of environmental features within the workspace are known.

The solution can also be used in unstructured environments where motions for robots are computed on-the-fly in changing environments. As of now, the Realtime Controller will be commercially available in North America, Europe, Japan, and China.



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