Rockwell Launches New Brand: LifecycleIQ Services

November 19, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Rockwell unveiled a new brand called LifecycleIQ Services at the Automation Fair At Home event earlier this week.

LifecycleIQ Services will foster collaboration between Rockwell Automation and external companies to support their whole industrial value chain. Among the new brand, services are aids for digital transformation initiatives, cybersecurity support, and workforce assistance.


LifecycleIQ Services at a Glance

Rockwell has created the LifecycleIQ Services brand to help companies take advantage of its technologies and human know-how. The various services are designed to help businesses work faster, smarter, and with greater agility across their whole business cycle.


The Lifestyle IQ from Rockwell. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation.


For example, Rockwell Automation will assist companies with installing, calibrating, start-up, and commissioning machines and systems as part of the new program. The manufacturer will also help companies connect all of their data, systems, and processes to provide targeted information for improved management and growth.

The LifecycleIQ Services currently includes support for design, operations, and maintenance stages in greenfield and brownfield applications. 


The Automation Fair At Home Event

The LifecycleIQ Services brand was launched at Rockwell Automation's Fair At Home event, running between November 16 and 20. The online industrial automation exposition features the newest solutions and innovations in the field, together with the opportunity for participants to interact with technology experts and executives.

At the Automation Fair At Home event, Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice president of LifecycleIQ Services, announced and discussed the new brand's goals and solutions.

" We understand the unprecedented challenges you face, as you strive to keep your operations productive, safe, and secure," Kulaszewicz said.


A LifecycleIQ Services overview. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation.


"Whether it's a global health crisis, an aging infrastructure or workforce challenge gaps, we can help you address your specific challenges and deliver the business outcomes you want to achieve."


Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, and Workforce Support

In practical terms, the LifecycleIQ Services encompasses, for example, support to help companies develop their digital initiatives. This translates to Rockwell Automation, offering knowledge and experience within LifecycleIQ Services to define strategic objectives, identify use cases, and quantify business value.

Cybersecurity services are also offered as part of the new brand strategy. In this regard, LifecycleIQ Services can help businesses adopt a proactive cybersecurity approach and address an attack's timeline before, during, and after the event.

"We are [also] using these capabilities to build a security operation center (SOC), which continuously monitors and improves an organization's security posture in response to security advances," Kulaszewicz said at the event.

Finally, LifecycleIQ Services can help companies improve their workforce support by assessing needs, identifying priorities, and creating dedicated development programs.

"With three different levels of support you can get the right level of remote support, repairs, preventive maintenance, and analytics you need," Kulaszewicz explained.

LifecycleIQ Services is also launching two augmented reality solutions to help companies interact virtually with the company's support engineers, strengthen skills with virtual training, and provide safety and security services remotely.



Businesses can access LifecycleIQ Services via an Integrated Service Agreement, designed to allow companies to select specific packages and types of support needed.