Scantech’s AM-DESK for Automated 3D Measurement 

August 03, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Scantech’s automated 3D measurement station, the AM-DESK, can be coupled with different collaborative robot brands and comes equipped with easy-to-use 3D software for simple and complex measurement tasks.

Worldwide leader in 3D measurement solutions, Scantech, introduces its latest product, the AM-DESK. The AM-DESK is an automated 3D measurement station weighing in at 75 kg and taking up only a 1 square meter footprint. The compact station is a good fit for applications involving part measurement and assessment in shops, labs, and harsh environments. 


automate 3D measurement station equipped with 3D software FlexScan
Scantech’s new AM-DESK, an automated 3D measurement station that comes equipped with 3D software FlexScan. Image used courtesy of Scantech


AM-DESK Features and FlexScan Software

Althought Scantech features its AM-DESK with a Universal Robots collaborative robot on their site (see above image), the measurement station can be coupled with several cobot brands. This includes top names like KUKA, ABB, YASKAWA, and FANUC, thanks to its PLC and servo-mechanists system.

The station can be used for measuring and comparing stamped parts, cast parts, and plastic parts and is capable of measuring pieces up to 100 kg. After the AM-DESK has completed its automatic scan of the part, inspection reports are automatically generated and sent to users for instant feedback. 

Mobility is also an option: the station can be fixed to a trolley and moved around to where measurement and comparison tasks are needed.


AM-DESK paired with different cobots including UR, KUKA, ABB, FANUC, and more

The AM-DESK can be paired with different collaborative robot brands, such as the featured UR cobot, KUKA, ABB, FANUC, and others. Image used courtesy of Scantech


The programming of the AM-DESK has been designed with simplicity in mind so engineers and operators of different skill levels can operate the system without complex training exercises. Users can easily program the AM-DESK with Scantech's user-friendly 3D software, FlexScan. Scantech made sure that, with their software, the AM-DESK is capable of measuring 3D parts uninterrupted. 

When paired with one of many cobot brands, the AM-DESK can achieve programmable and automated measurement at the click of a button. The idea is that, with preset measuring paths, the system can complete complex measuring jobs.  

The AM-DESK montiors the need for recalibration so that when a measurement discrepancy occurs, such as those with temperature changes or high intensity operations, the AM-DESK can automatically recalibrate. The recalibration is set to happen after the measurement of a part in order to ensure that the scanning of an individual part can be completed without interruption


3D measurement station with mounted mobile trolley
The AM-DESK can be fitted with any one of Scantech's 3D scanners on the market. Image used courtesy of Scantech


Measurement Station and Cobot Safety 

As with any robotic system that works alongside humans, the system follows strict safety standards. It is CE Marked, which in adherence with EU guidelines, ensures that operators are safe during the operation of the measurement station. It comes with a push button for emergency stops and contains a buzzer to alert operators of potential dangers with lights and loud sounds.

The servo-mechanists are also equipped with controllable force, and, when the system is used with a cobot, it supports 10-grade collision detection and has sensors to detect potential danger when the system is not running properly.


“When Innovation Meets 3D Digitization”

Offering portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, Scantech brings digitized innovation to industries across 60 countries. With its latest technology, the AM-DESK, provides researchers and manufacturers the ability to use Scantech's 3D technology more efficiently and in wider applications.