Schneider Electric Adds Automatic Temperature Control and Expansion Capabilities to Its Data Center

May 24, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

The Micro Data Center C-Series offers smart battery backup, integrated vision security, automated temperature control, and remote monitoring to advance Edge computing.

Schneider Electric’s 43U EcoStruxure Micro Data Center is a step into the future of server storage technology. The Micro Data Center series is an all-in-one IT networking and computing enclosure, offering many features such as: 


With today’s need for remote work and remote learning, more companies are finding they need to expand their IT storage solution. Adding more network space or server space can increase the size and temperature load of the existing server enclosure solution.  

Without using an all-in-one solution, the company would have to dedicate an entire room and outfit it with specialized air filtering, power filtering, and temperature control equipment. This can be an expensive upgrade. 


Video used courtesy of Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric has expanded its C-Series to allow for less human monitoring of temperature, more overall capacity, and endure commercial and industrial environments.  


Automatic Three Mode Temperature Control

One of the new features of the 43U C-Series is the ability to automatically switch between three different temperature control modes: active, eco, and emergency. While temperature control is not a new technology to the server cabinet world, being able to automatically adjust the type of cooling required based on real-time cabinet temperature load is new. Most systems on the market today offer a static cooling solution.  

With automatic temperature control, the system will maintain the proper temperature as the server load increases or decreases. This feature helps to “future-proof” your cabinet solution.  As you add more heating load, the cabinet control system will change dynamically to accommodate the new load at the greatest overall efficiency. The cooling capacity is rated at 900–3500 watts.  


More Space

The 43U C-Series has the highest capacity available in the C-Series class, offering an impressive 36U available spaces. This allows for more networking or computing power per square foot. As floor space becomes a premium, this cabinet will allow your company to grow its IT needs without taking on more square footage. 


Schneider Electric EcoStructure Micro Data Center

The EcoStruxture Micro Data Center C-Series 43U, which can be used for Edge computing. Image used courtesy of Schneider Electric


Being able to expand is always an important feature when considering a cabinet solution. The 43U allows for future expansion as your company grows.      


Environment Expansion

The C-Series is meant for commercial and industrial use. The 43U version has the added ability to withstand dust, temperature fluctuations, and inconsistent power supply issues. This ability reduces the requirement for expensive air and power filtering devices along with whole room temperature management systems. 

The EcoStruxure Micro Data Center is an interesting concept in itself, where the requirement for a dedicated server room is no longer a requirement for light commercial IT services. As more manufacturers move into the IIoT world, and with more people working from remote locations, a solid IT cabinet solution is required—but not every company has the floor space to dedicate to static IT systems. The new features of the 43U open possibilities to companies that require a solid IT cabinet without the need to occupy an entire room or invest in advanced building control systems.