Schneider Electric, AVEVA, and DORIS Group Bring New Digital Twin Technology to Oil and Gas Markets

July 24, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Schneider Electric, AVEVA, and the DORIS Group are partnering to aid companies on their digital transformation journeys by offering digital twin technology. 

Three companies have agreed to band together to provide digital twin technology for upstream oil and gas markets. This partnership will help the oil and gas industry enhance performance, increase sustainability, and improve product capital return. The three companies aligning to achieve this endeavor are AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and DORIS Group, project management company. 


Digital Twinning 

In short terms, digital twin technology includes hardware and software that can generate a digital twin or model of a process, product, or service. This capability will allow oil and gas organizations to monitor systems, collect and analyze data, and enable predictive maintenance. In this way, any problems that can be avoided or planned for production downtime can be prevented and overall production maximized. 

A digital twin works by collecting information about a product or asset with the use of a smart component with sensors. The sensors are integrated within a physical system and collect data regarding working conditions, real-time status, or position. A cloud-based system connecting to the smart component is used to receive and process all of the data collected. Business and other contextual data are then used to analyze this input data. Within this safe virtual environment, lessons can be learned and new insights and opportunities discovered that can be applied in the physical world. 


Improving Traceability and Safety 

Oil and gas owner-operators have been faced with a number of issues including a severe lack of structure and organization with regard to sorting and analyzing vast amounts of varying types of data. With the lack of an established method or data-driven decision making, monitoring CO2 levels remains haphazard and unsustainable for the environment. 


Oil and gas facility. Image courtesy of AVEVA.


Together, DORIS, AVEVA, and Schneider Electric will be offering oil and gas owner-operators digital twin technology as a solution to help address these challenges. Digital twin technology will help through the following:


  • The use of a single point of accountability to improve traceability 
  • Improved safety which will lead to better business outcomes
  • Collaboration and improving engineering efficiencies with cloud-enabled software that on-streams new assets faster 
  • Enabling remote operations and production assurance


AVEVA digital twinning technologies. Image courtesy of AVEVA.


Schneider Electric hopes to bring its expertise in energy and process efficiency to facilitate the digital transformation of its clients. In doing so, Schenider wishes to maintain the sustainability of operations while improving lifecycle performance and safety. DORIS also endeavor to support its customers in their digital transformation journey and provide expert solutions to optimize the lifecycle of their products.


A diagram of subsea developments and operations. Image courtesy of DORIS Group


CEO of AVEVA, Craig Hayman, summarized that the combined effort of the trio of companies is to drive forward the use of digital technologies, propagate knowledge on the value of a digital twin and strive for more sustainable practices.