Schneider Electric to Create Scholarships for Trades and Skills Education

September 02, 2022 by Seth Price

Schneider Electric recently announced a partnership with the SkillPointe Foundation to fund scholarships in skills-based learning as a way to address the ongoing shortage of skilled workers.

The pipeline for skilled labor has almost run dry. The past few decades of educational emphasis on four year university study, many of the “baby boomer” generation retiring, offshoring of some trades careers, and other factors have led to the decline in the number of skilled workers. Most trade magazines and medium-sized towns’ newspapers have classified ads with listings for electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders, and other trades. These positions are simply not being filled.

Schneider Electric scholarships will help to add to skills gap

Schneider Electric seeks to fill the shortage of skilled workers by offering scholarships to aspiring trade workers. Image used courtesy of Canva


Filling in the Gaps

To help fill in the skills gap, Schneider Electric has partnered with the SkillPointe Foundation to offer $50,000 in scholarships. This scholarship program is open to people of all backgrounds, though it is a pilot program limited to the New York Metropolitan area and New Jersey at this time.

The scholarship is geared towards those pursuing careers in building automation, security, IT, electrical, HVAC, construction maintenance, or building-related jobs such as cable/fiber technicians, electronics and electrical technicians, field service technicians, HVAC technicians, IT support specialists, construction maintenance, and software developers.

The scholarships will be awarded over the fall semester in 2022 and the spring semester in 2023. Each semester, ten $2500 scholarships will be funded by Schneider Electric that will be administered through the SkillPointe Foundation. Besides basic contact information, the applicant must also describe their intended career path and enter two, 250 word essays to be eligible for the scholarship. Round one scholarship applications are due September 30, 2022.


Schneider Electric and SkillsPointe scholarship

Schneider Electric's scholarship, administered through the SkillPointe Foundation, will provide mentorships and on-the-job training. Image used courtesy of Canva


Alvin Townley, founding Executive Director of the SkillPointe Foundation stated that “Schneider Electric is helping to transform the places Americans live and work, but continued success depends on skilled talent pipelines. We’re honored to launch this new partnership and help a global leader like Schneider Electric innovate and build a larger and more inclusive skilled workforce.”

Besides the scholarship itself, Schneider Electric has opened up opportunities for mentorship and on-the-job training for students pursuing careers in a number of electrical, electronic, HVAC, and computer-related fields. 

Senior Vice President of US Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric, James Mylett, expressed his excitement about the partnership and the role Schneider Electric will have in helping prospective workers with mentoring, networking, and other career opportunities: “This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our continued efforts to develop an inclusive and skilled trade workforce while giving back to our industry."


Schneider Electric networking at New Jersey location

Schneider Electric plans to invite all scholarship recipients to their branch in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Image used courtesy of Schneider Electric


Giving Back

For over 180 years, Schneider Electric has made it their goal to only use resources in the most optimal way. They do this through offering a variety of electronic, cloud-based data, and control products built for sustainability in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial applications. Their catalog contains thousands of products ranging from switchgear to motor and light controllers.

The Atlanta-based SkillPointe Foundation that Schneider Electric has partnered with is an independent affiliate of The foundation works with industrial and commercial partners, such as Schneider Electric, NetJets, Home Depot, and others to administer and manage scholarships. They currently manage over 100 scholarships nationwide.