SCHUNK Expands Robotic Grippers to Help Automation Experts Focus on Position Control

June 17, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

SCHUNK aims to enhance the flexibility and productivity of automated systems with its latest tool-free BSWS-M jaw quick-change system.

SCHUNK develops and supplies gripping and clamping technologies and systems. The company’s product range includes magnetic handling devices, rotary and linear modules, hydraulic expansion technology, quick-change pallet systems, gripping, chuck jaws, and more. 

SCHUNK designs solutions for the robotics, automation, mechanical engineering, and assembly handling sectors. Recently, SCHUNK announced the expansion of its gripper fingers and released its tool-free BSWS-M jaw quick-change system for finger change.


The New Manual BSWS-M System

The new BSWS-M jaw quick-change system has a base attached to the gripper and two adapter pins. These pins are fastened to the finger gripper to be exchanged. 

The system features form-fit locking mechanics to provide users with a rapid exchange of the gripper fingers. Alignment pins are optional if users need help with mounting, and a corresponding alignment pinhole can be used. 


BSWS-M jaw quick-change system. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK 


Each gripper jaw requires two adapter pins (one BSWS-A set) and a base (BSWS-BM). The ability to push a button and quickly unlock the top jaw from the gripper allows users to reduce setup times and improve the flexibility and productivity of their automated system. In addition to the unlocking feature, a new jaw can be attached and connected to the gripper. 


SCHUNK’s Robotic Gripping Capabilities

SCHUNK’s new BSWS-M jaw quick-change system is available in three different forms. The BSWS-BM (with seven standardized sizes from 50 to 200) has a change mechanism integrated into a base. This is permanently mounted on the base jaw of the gripper.

Only the gripper fingers are changed. The BSWS-BM comes with SCHUNK’s gripper fingers and adapter pins of the BSWS-A series. 


A sectional diagram of the BSWS-M showing the 1) unlocking button, 2) spring preloaded locking pin, 3) adapter pin BSWS-A for fastening the gripper finger to be exchanged, 4) screw connection for mounting on the gripper. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK 


Another form of the BSWS-M jaw quick-change system is the BSWS-URM (with six sizes from 50 to 160). This form provides modular integration with customized attachment fingers. Customers are provided with a kit for the locking mechanism used for direct installation in the gripper fingers. This means that customers can use the entire length of the finger for clamping. 



The BSWS-ABRM (that comes in six sizes from 50 to 160) uses finger blanks with an integrated change mechanism. Customers can adapt this to the respective clamping contour.

Users can choose from three different forms of the BSWS-M jaw quick-change system on all SCHUNK premium grippers and other gripping modules with SCHUNK PGN-plus finger interface.

Engineers and technicians can use the new quick-change system from SCHUNK in stationary applications where workpieces can be removed within seconds and another form attached. Users don’t need to have extensive technical training to use SCHUNK’s BSWS-M jaw quick-change system in any application.