SCHUNK Releases New Products and Hits the Road to Demonstrate Automated Robotic Solutions

October 13, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

SCHUNK recently released new devices for machine tooling and is now demonstrating these solutions in five countries to target plant managers, automation experts, and production staff.

SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG (SCHUNK) is a multinational manufacturing company with a large presence in Germany and the U.S. The company develops clamping and gripping technology specifically for the industrial automation sector. 


SCHUNK Goes on Tour and Releases New Solutions

SCHUNK’s customers operate in fields such as automation, assembly, mechanical engineering, robotics, material handling, automotive, and more. The company just wrapped up its roadshow tour and presented new robotic solutions to customers in several countries.



SCHUNK set up on the road. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK 


With the Roadshow bus, SCHUNK brought its solutions to customers and provided demonstrations in a short period of time. The company also announced the release of its new version of the tool holder for real-time process-control, the iTENDO2


The SCHUNK Roadshow

The SCHUNK team maintained social distancing and hygiene regulations during the show while informing customers of the latest clamping technology products. They presented demo units to customers and customized the exhibit series depending on what customers requested. 


schunk roadshow

The SCHUNK Roadshow brings product demos and expert knowledge of gripping systems and clamping solutions to customers across the globe. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK 


The SCHUNK team showcased new tools for automated deburring, polishing, and the sanding of workpieces. SCHUNK claims that the roadshow served as a convenient and compact way for them to inform customers of the ins and outs of their products. Experts provided customers with specific answers to questions concerning different products and situations. During this time, SCHUNK traveled through Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, and the Czech Republic. 

In addition to their roadshow, the company just released a new machining tool to help engineers with cutting and milling operations. 



The previous model of the new iTENDO2, the iTENDO, was designed for machining processes, including micro-cutting, countersinking, and milling. The new model aims to bring customers a more compact design that also provides more power and greater applicability. 

The iTENDO2 can detect issues with the cutting process, such as excessive vibrations, the presence of chatter marks, and if the tool may be about to break. The new tool holder can detect vibrations directly on the tool through a battery, sensor, and transmitter unit.

The new component is designed to prevent possible damage by using the controlled control loop to react in real-time. The tool holder features an increased speed of a maximum of 30,000 RPM and optimized installation space, allowing it to replace standard tool holders one-to-one. 

The latter feature means that the machine does not need to be reprogrammed. The iTENDO2’s interfering contour remains unchanged as compared to standard tool holders. The tool holder will be available this October in size TENDO HSK-A 63 with a diameter of 20x90. Customers can implement smaller clamping diameters by using intermediate sleeves.


tool holder

SCHUNK releases its new tool holder, the iTENDO2. Image used courtesy of SCHUNK 


The iTENDO2 will be available with three different equipment packages to suit data usage requirements. The iTENDO2 pad package comes with a tablet PC that can be plugged in and connected to the device. An accompanying app can be used to access data for parameterization and trend analysis. 

Customers will be able to look out for vibrations that could impinge upon the product output and optimize processes to achieve the best results. Surface qualities can be improved and the service life of tools can be extended.

SCHUNK intends to provide customers with the iTENDO2 easy connection in the spring of 2022 and has plans to release the iTENDO2 pro package as well. 

Did you get a chance to see SCHUNK on their latest roadshow?