Seeq and Microsoft Collaborate on the Energy Core Hackathon to Predict Industrial Emissions Data

March 05, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Industrial software applications developer Seeq announces that it will act as co-sponsor at the Microsoft Energy Core Methane Emissions Hackathon.

The virtual event started on March 1st and will run until next Monday, March 8th.


Energy Core logo

The Energy Core logo. Image used courtesy of Microsoft


During this week, participants will use the Seeq software to diagnose and predict methane and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Seeq: A Company Overview

Founded in 2013, Seeq develops software and services to convert industrial data into information to drive business decisions for continuous improvement. Despite its headquarters registered in Seattle, Washington, Seeq is organized as a virtual company to foster and attract collaboration with talent worldwide.

So far, the firm has raised a total of $65.2 million in investments from Altira Group, Second Avenue Partners, and others. Seeq’s process automation vendor partners include OSIsoft, Honeywell, and Siemens.

Last July, the company was named a finalist for the Energy 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, a contest awarding partners developing exceptional Microsoft-based solutions. This award is one of the reasons Microsoft picked Seeq to partner with on this hackathon.

During the event, Seeq will also provide a boot camp training session and daily office hours to allow for drop-in support.


The Microsoft Energy Core Hackathon

The event taking place this week is the second part of the Microsoft Energy Core Hackathon and follows the first one held online last August. In this second and final part of the event, participants will be asked to further develop their existing solutions from the previous year or start from scratch utilizing a “catalyst package.”

The package allows participants to acquire the publicly available Tropomi satellite data, extract Methane readings from it into Azure Cosmos DB, then visualize it with PowerBIin order to detect and identify potential sources of leak on the Permian Basin.


Seeq dashboard

Seeq dashboard. Image used courtesy of Seeq


Participants will also be required to provide their operational dataset during the event. They will have access to Seeq to cleanse data, establish a baseline level of emissions, identify deviations from baseline performance, and perform root cause analysis into the cause of deviations.

During the Energy Core Hackathon, Microsoft will provide one subject matter expert coach for every two hackathon teams to provide ongoing support.


Working Toward a Greener Industry

All the Microsoft Energy Core Hackathon participants are from energy operators and academic institutions operating around the world. The competition will see teams challenge each other to present final use cases to the Microsoft Energy Core board of directors. The best teams will be considered to establish sustainability best practices for the oil and gas and process industries.

Microsoft Energy Core is a global initiative established by the technology giant to foster digital transformation in the energy sector. 

Utilizing artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies, the team behind Microsoft Energy Core supports companies in developing innovative solutions to achieve a series of energy-related transformations. These include improving operational efficiencies, enhancing sustainability, increasing energy innovation, and supporting workforce transformation.

For more information about the event, visit the Microsoft Energy Core Hackathon website.