Siemens Expands Xcelerator Software Portfolio for Industrial Additive Manufacturing

November 25, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

Siemens expands the capabilities of Xcelerator software and the adoption of additive manufacturing techniques through three new partnerships.

Morf3D is partnering with Siemens to use the Xcelerator ecosystem as part of its innovative metal AM approach for manufacturing components such as this weight-optimized bracket.


Siemens expands the software ecosystem. Image courtesy of Siemens


Siemens’ recently announced new partnerships with three leaders in industrial AM. These leaders are Morf3D, Sintavia, and Evolve Additive Solutions.

These partnerships' overarching goal is to expand Siemens’ existing software ecosystem, the Xcelerator platform, to support the latest advancements and technologies in AM.


Siemens and Morf3D

One of the companies that Siemens has recently announced a new partnership with Morf3D, an AM engineering and manufacturing service. Morf3D uses Siemens’ AM software to accelerate the delivery of metal-based AM products for a wide range of industries.

Siemens’ Xcelerator platform will aid in key issues such as design optimization and part qualification and achieve industrial-scale production.


Siemens and Sintavia

Sintavia is one of the world’s leading metal additive manufacturers for the aerospace and defense industry--and another collaborator of Siemens. Their partnership seeks to connect the various phases of the AM process to achieve optimized efficiency and sustainability.

Using Siemens Xcelerator portfolio allows Sintavia to deliver additively manufactured components in a faster, more cost-effective manner.


Siemens and Evolve Additive Solutions

Siemens has also announced a collaboration with another AM manufacturing leader: Evolve Additive Solutions, perhaps known best for its pioneering STEP (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process) technology.

Unlike Morf3D  and Sintavia and their emphasis on metal AM, Evolve Additive Solutions works primarily with polymers. 

Additive manufacturing can revolutionize the manufacturing process. It is especially true as companies like Evolve Additive Solutions develop ways to make reliable yet economical AM parts for high volume production runs. 

As part of this partnership, Evolve Additive Solutions plans to equip its latest machines with Siemens’ software, including their Xcelerator platform, to optimize various stages of the AM process from part slicing through scheduling and execution.

This integration between technologies will support high-volume AM projects through better speed and repeatability.


Siemens Xcelerator

Xcelerator, according to Siemens, is a combination of the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform with Mentor, MindSphere, Mendix, and Siemens Cloud Solutions.

The Xcelerator portfolio of products can best be described as an ecosystem that allows users to tackle complex, innovative product development and deployment through an integrated set of digital tools.


The Xcelerator platform. Image courtesy of Siemens


These tools integrate engineering teams, support production systems through virtual commissioning and simulation, support IoT, and leverage connections between enterprise systems and connected assets so that both products and processes can be analyzed and optimized. 

The recent partnerships between Siemens and Morf3D, Sintavia, and Evolve Additive Solutions allow Siemens to support evolving AM technology and enable the partners to optimize their methods and products better.

It also expands and accelerates the adoption of industrial AM, a technique once relegated to making simple prototypes instead of finished products for industries such as aerospace and implantable medical devices.