Siemens Launches the Open Industrial Edge Ecosystem to Promote Data-driven Industrial Automation

December 09, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

What is the Open Industrial Edge Ecosystem, and how could it potentially help OEMs with their data management and machine monitoring?

The Industrial Edge Ecosystem

Siemens is an industry leading company that provides services and products for automation technology and industrial software.


Siemens software demonstrates its digital transformation capabilities. Image used courtesy of Siemens


One of the more recent additions to their software platforms is the Open Siemens Industrial Edge Platform. This platform is now available as a vendor independent, cross manufacturer, app store for customers.

According to Siemens, customers that use the platform could benefit from:

  • Connectivity
  • Data storage
  • Visualization
  • Analysis
  • Machine monitoring
  • Energy and asset management

Siemens hopes to bring customers more versatility from the Industrial Edge Platform with an open app store. It could allow for the scalable deployment of IT technologies and apps in the production environment.

Customers will now have the ability to use it for scalable deployments of IT technology and usable apps created specifically for production-based environments that can all be supplied from one location.

Braincube, Cybus, SeioTec, and Tosibox are third-party providers who have opened their products for availability in the system. Siemens has also made available Siemens Edge apps for the discrete and machine tool industries.

This platform aims to provide a number of different products and services from numerous providers and manufacturers. They hope to create an environment where different software components and products from individual manufacturers can fit seamlessly together in a standardized manner. The Edge Computing Ecosystem will be expanded with the addition of this open software program for the benefit of current users.


Key Features of the Open Industrial Edge Ecosystem

Siemens hopes this platform can allow third-party providers to integrate their existing systems into the industrial edge platform. It allows customers to operate different software all through the same platform, creating a more user-friendly experience.


Siemens Open Industrial Edge Ecosystem Platform interface. Image used courtesy of Siemens


Siemens also mentioned that customers will now be able to place different apps and products in a shopping cart and pay for them all at checkout, regardless of the original manufacturer. Most forms of payment are available, including the option for credit card payment.

Siemens partners do not need to interact directly with customers, helping to save time and money compared to more traditional methods of getting Siemens third-party providers’ products to market. This helps the customer order, pay, and receive products in a more streamlined manner.

The Industrial Edge Ecosystem can be used to create new opportunities for different app producers and software manufacturers looking to reach into the automation market. With Siemens’s global presence, developers can reach a broad market, and Siemens has expressed their interest in a direct effort to bring more partner apps and services into the Industrial Edge Ecosystem.


Data-Driven Industrial Automation

With the addition of the Internet of Things in the industrial automation industry, data has become an important tool for companies looking to improve their manufacturing processes. Edge computing and data software designed to keep track of and monitor data have helped manufacturers to increase productivity and efficiency.

Edge computing and digital factories have created the possibility of predictive maintenance and better scheduling for required downtime. With the addition of an Open Industrial Edge Ecosystem, Siemens hopes to provide an easier avenue for manufacturers to reap the benefits of many different third-party providers without the hassle of looking in multiple places.