Industrial Automation Company Joins Endress+Hauser Open Integration Partner Program

April 02, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

In an effort to help with the integration of automated processes, Softing Industrial Automation has joined the Open Integration Partner Program.

While there are standardized buses that are used widely across the industry, there are still many companies and organizations that use their own protocols or messaging systems to establish their own standards.

It can be difficult for engineers to try and determine if two pieces of hardware will be compatible without having physical access to them. This is where the Endress+Hauser Open Integration partner program comes in.


An Open World

The goal of The Endress+Hauser Open Integration Partner Program is to bring industrial suppliers together to create solutions that are compatible with each other.

Examples of those partnered into the program include Mitsubishi Electric, AUMA Riester, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and Turck. One method that the Open Integration Partner Platform uses to help engineers with automated processes is by recognizing commonly used processes and then creating a curated list of devices and equipment that can be used in conjunction with each other.

The program also looks at typically used system components with proven integration, performs joint integration testing, documents important procedures, and test results, and provides regular testing with partners to maximize compatibility and integration. 


Softing Industrial Automation Joins The Program

Softing Industrial Automation is an industrial technology company that specializes in connecting disparate automated components. One example of their technological capabilities includes linking data from a factory floor to control tasks and provide further analysis that would normally not be possible.

Two of their major products, dataFLOW, and dataCHECK allow users to enable the ease of digital flow from devices and PLCs to network gateways as well as provide monitoring capabilities to diagnose the performance of automated industrial processes. 

Therefore, it comes a no surprise that Softing Industrial Automation has joined the Open Integration Partner Program to further help designers create automated processes that work flawlessly with each other.


softing automaiton.

Softing Industrial Automation building. Image used courtesy of Endress+Hauser.


According to Jörg Reinkensmeier from the program, the network solutions provided by Softing Industrial Automation will strengthen and expand the capabilities of the Open Integration Partner Program as well as the connectivity capabilities between IIoT devices and industrial networks.


Open Integration Partner Program Aims For Compatability

Creating unified communication and messaging protocols can dramatically help with the creation of any processes that consist of many different sub-processes. The problem with disparate equipment, sensors, and platforms is not helped by industrial technology companies trying to create their own standards and systems which are incompatible with other manufacturer's equipment.


open integration platform

Open Integration: open standards / validated integration. Image used courtesy of Endress+Hauser


The aim of the Open Integration Partner Program is to provide designers with tried and tested combinations of equipment that can be used in automated processes to ease the creation of industrial systems.


Featured image used courtesy of Endress+Hauser.