Steel King Focuses on Logistics Solutions with New Industrial Platform Group NexCaliber Structures

January 29, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Material handling products manufacturer Steel King announced the launch of NexCaliber Structures last week.

Steel King’s new business group NexCaliber Structures will create platform and mezzanine solutions for both material storage and handling industries.


Steel King: A Company Overview

Founded in 1970, Steel King recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The company specializes in non-powered material handling products, such as pallet racks, drive-in racks, flow racks, pushback racks, pick modules, and mezzanines.


A mezzanine prototype. Image used courtesy of NexCaliber Structures.


Steel King also specializes in industrial containers, custom shipping racks, cantilever racks, portable racks, and industrial safety guard railing. 

Today, the company holds PE licenses in more than 30 U.S. states and offers more than 200 products. To extend its global reach even further and strengthen its presence in the material handling marketplace, Steel King is now launching NexCaliber Structures.


The NexCaliber Structures Industrial Platform Group

The new group builds on Steel King’s decades of experience to design and manufacture smart design technology for large-scale, complex automated systems while also looking at development from a fresh perspective.


The NexCaliber Structures team. Image used courtesy of NexCaliber Structures.


Steel King hopes that launching NexCaliber Structures blends the innovative startup spirit with the stability, industry leadership, and manufacturing expertise stemming from their 50-year history.

These systems are designed to accommodate heavy-duty equipment like induction conveyors, singular systems, high-speed scales, and shuttles. These solutions can also be designed to be built as multi-level systems utilizing, for example, staircases, stair-towers, ladders, railing, gates, and crossovers store systems.

These technologies will be deployed for applications in the 3PL, e-commerce, logistics, and food and beverage industries.


Improving Elevated Work Platforms’ Efficiency

Steel King has a long experience in the platform and mezzanine development industry. The launch of NexCaliber Structures, however, demonstrates the company’s intentions to start developing the next-generation of integrated warehouse storage solutions.


NexCaliber Structures’ manufacturing site. Image used courtesy of NexCaliber Structures.

From concept/estimating and professional structural engineering to project management, steel design, and service installation, NexCaliber Structures provides numerous services related to the design, manufacturing, and implementing platform and mezzanine solutions.

The company's proprietary design system also utilizes material data and engineering calculations to improve the design accuracy and process, as well as processing capacity. For example, using 3D modeling and parametric estimating technology, NexCaliber Structures can substantially speed up the design process.

Smart data models are also deployed during the design/build process to reduce the risk of human errors. NexCaliber intends to help large integrators increase their processing capacity within existing structures, new distribution centers, or rack supported buildings.

In a press release, NexCaliber Structures’ Product Manager, Chris Pahls, noted, “Steel King has a strong history of quality and innovation, and we are excited to introduce NexCaliber Structures’ line of elevated work platforms and accessories to the marketplace to continue this legacy.”

For more information about NexCaliber Structures, you can check the company’s website.