Universal Robots Promises Next-level Factory Automation with Latest Robot Arm

June 04, 2021 by Ben Stepanian

Universal Robots debuts their Ur10e robotic arm with an increased payload handling up to 12.5 Kg or 27 lbs. 

Universal Robots claims this increased payload is a 25% increase from its predecessor. This solution is used in industries such as material handling, machining, inspection, and welding. This robot aims to reduce work injuries and enable continuous workflow, reducing the reliance on manual labor. 


A Larger Payload

A larger payload allows a larger margin for possibilities. The UR10e offers more capabilities and a short return on investment. Typically, when robotic arms first made their debut, it may take years of use before the user profits from the product. 


Video used courtesy of Universal Robots


Universal Robots promises the return on investment should only take months. According to Universal Robots, repetitive strain injuries would account for 8% of all U.S. workplace injuries. Overexertion would account for 24% of workplace incidents as well. 

“Humans are not designed to lift heavy goods repeatedly, but our cobots handle these tasks with ease. By taking over unergonomic activities, UR cobots boost productivity, improve product quality, and help businesses rethink how to best use the creative and problem-solving abilities of their workforce –all while keeping people safe,” says Kim Povlsen, President of Universal Robots.

Repetitive tasks tedious and can put the laborer at risk. Most tasks can have a learning curve. It will take the operator a short time calibrating the robot to perform the task accurately and precisely to automate the same functions. 


UR Offers Specific Robot Training

Universal Robots can gather data and analytics to provide customer support and ensure their products have minimal downtime. 

Universal Robots also offers plenty of training on their website. Their platform provides engineers a firm grasp on their hardware and software. Universal Robots designed this robot so any engineer or technician can work with the robot, regardless of their programming or robotic experience. 


The UR10e working alongside an engineer on the facility floor. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


Universal Robots has a portal on their website that allows users to decide what they need the robot to do. 

As the company stated, “humans were not designed to do repetitive straining tasks.” Universal Robots’ mission is not to replace humans but rather, enable them to work risk-free while working alongside robotic counterparts. Universal Robots has over 50,000 robots in the industry and will expect more demand. 


Specs of the UR10e

The UR10e has a payload of 12.5 Kg (27 lbs) and a gripper strength of 2.5 Kg (5.5 lbs). The machine can run uninterrupted for 24 hours a day. 

The UR10e has a footprint of 190mm (.5 feet) and weighs 33 Kg (73.9 lbs). The robot has passed many rigorous testing procedures and optimized the supply chain industry with its palletizing mode/configuration. Universal Robots designed the UrR10e to be a suitable choice for a busy supply chain.