WEISS Hosts First Virtual Trade Show to Showcase Motion Control Solutions

October 26, 2020 by Seth Price

WEISS will host its first virtual trade show on its website in 2020 with live product simulation and more.  

There is a keynote message from the event page on their website from Uvve Weiss, the owner and managing director of WEISS.

He tells the story of WEISS and welcomes you to the trade show. The WEISS Virtual Trade Show features videos explaining some of the applications that use their motion control hardware and demonstrations of the hardware in action. 


The opening screen of the WEISS Virtual Trade Show. Image courtesy of WEISS. 


Who is WEISS?

WEISS has over 50 years of experience designing motion control and precision positioning in manufacturing. WEISS began by serving the automotive industry with rotary indexing tables and since expanded into many other industries.

They specialize in moving heavy objects with precise control. This is not a simple challenge, as their equipment must account for the inertia of moving heavy items quickly.


Rotary index table test with heavy, concrete blocks. Image courtesy of WEISS. 

Besides the mobility industry (automotive, aerospace, and railroad), WEISS has been developing motion control solutions for the electronics and life sciences industries. Most notably, they have expanded into solutions to help fight COVID-19 and have equipment used in the mask, syringe, and test kit production lines.


Expanding to Robotics    

While WEISS started with rotary indexing tables, they have also expanded into linear motion and the Delta robot, moving in all directions in the Cartesian Coordinate system quickly and moving objects as heavy as 40 kg. 


Michael Fraede demonstrating the nimble Delta robot. Image courtesy of WEISS. 

There are several application topics in the WEISS Virtual Trade Show. They focus on digitization, the mobility industry, the life sciences, and others.

One of the topics is the Trainings Center. Even though it is near the right side (the end) of the buttons, it is a great place to start, as it gives more details on each of their product types. 

The Trainings Center highlights the advantages of WEISS products. With over 1800 products in their catalog, this is a way to help the average user figure out which solutions will be appropriate for their application. 


WEISS Offers Product Simulation

In addition to their mechatronics systems, WEISS also supplies the controllers and interfaces for web or computer control. The WEISS system can simulate products so that the user can begin to test code even before the physical devices have shipped.

They also have a downloadable app to help demonstrate how each of their products moves various items, which can be viewed from every angle.

Since the show is virtual this year, users can attend this one from the comfort of their living room and still see some demonstrations and learn about these motion control products.



WEISS will be offering demonstrations of high-speed motion control equipment and how they can be implemented in your next manufacturing process.