Yokogawa Introduces Real-Time Gas Measurement for Industrial Process Heating Installations 

June 02, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Yokogawa releases a breakthrough, real-time gas analyzer, TDLS8100 which reduces CAPEX and OPEX in industrial process heating installations.

Recently, Yokogawa released the TDLS8100 probe-type Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer (TDLS) to provide facilities with the ability to take accurate in situ gas concentration measurements. 

Process energy consumption from the manufacturing sector is an important factor to monitor and control. Boilers, fire heaters, and furnaces utilized in process heating operations can account for a large proportion (around 70%) of this energy consumption, contribute to employee safety risk, and increase greenhouse gas emissions. Energy and chemical industries must strive to maintain an equal balance with respect to worker safety, sustainability in terms of environmental impact, and business profits. 

With Yokogawa’s new gas measurement device, the TDLS8100, industrial plant owners can expect to operate processes in a safer environment, improve resource efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and hit their desired profit margin.


The TDLS8100

The new gas measurement device allows for optimized remote diagnostics and configuration capabilities with a single cable run (HART and Modbus TCP come standard). It measures gases including carbon monoxide, oxygen, methane, and ammonia. Hazard-free installation is ensured in CID1/Z1 or CID2/Z2 areas with the device coming flame- and explosion-proof.


Yokogawa’s probe-type gas analyzer TDLS8100. Image used courtesy of Yokogawa.


Further, the device can be serviced in the field and requires no extra equipment, resources, or calibration. 

Other benefits of using the TDLS8100 include:

  • Advanced diagnostics with spectral storage availability and analyzer history of up to 50 days
  • Real-time measurements
  • Reliable measurements ensured through a reference cell 
  • Ease of operation and flexible installation enabled by a single flange design

Real-time measurements can be collected with an update period of two seconds or optional one second update period. Sample lag that might be introduced by comparable extractive technologies is eliminated through the use of an integrated probe. 


LCD Touch Screen and Easy Configuration 

With regard to device reliability, the internal reference cell that is located within the laser/detector module ensures peak locking. Additionally, auto-gain provides users with a wide signal range during dynamic process events. The TDLS8100 features an intuitive 7.5-inch color LCD touch screen that is simple to operate and can be installed remotely. All measurement data, graphs, and device information are displayed on this interface with no need for PC maintenance. 


The TDLS8100 LCD touch screen interface. Image used courtesy of Yokogawa.


Another asset of Yokogawa’s new gas analyzer is that is can be easily configured with remote YH8000 HMI and DTM/DD devices. The device can be connected to 4 analyzers at the same time and be used with either the TDLS8000 and/or TDLS8100 probe.

The TDLS8100 can be connected via HART communication with FieldMate or other DTM/DD compatible device management software.