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Factory Talk Network Application Backup
creating an Factory TalkView network application backup

Hi guys,

I am basically new to Rockwell Automation's Factory Talk View.

I already know how to backup local applications and it goes similar with other HMI. However, I can't make a backup of FTView network applications. Can someone tell me how to create an archive or backup of a FTView network application?

Thank you in advance.

By Eddie Willers on 3 July, 2010 - 1:50 pm

There are two manual steps to backing up a Network FactoryTalk application; backing up the FT Network Directory, and performing a backup of the FTView applications themselves.

Much of this is covered in the "Deploying SE Distributed Applications" chapter in the FactoryTalk View SE User Manual. There are also be good discussions on the Rockwell Automation Forums about FTView.

You back up the FactoryTalk Directory from the FactoryTalk Administration Console. Select your application, right-click and select "Backup". Check the "Backup System in Archive" button to include the FT Directory in the archive.

Backing up FactoryTalk View applications is most simple if you use the HMI Backup Utility. It handles copying all the required files into an archive file. I actually run this on a scheduled basis on my FTView Servers to give myself a daily backup.

Two good RA Knowledgebase documents about these procedures:

RA Knowledgebase Answer ID 55703, How to Backup, Move or Copy a FactoryTalk Application.

RA Knowledgebase Answer ID 30310, Backup and Restore Utility for HMI Server

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the reply.

It seems that I can't access the links you have provided although I have an account.

Would you mind if you post the actual questions and answers? Or send it to me via email ry_fern [at]

Thank you. Your help is highly appreciated.

By K.A.Faulder on 10 February, 2012 - 7:28 am

its a good one!

You can back up and restore the HMI server using the HMI backup and restore Utility!

You can back up and restore the system (security etc) in factory talk administration console.

You then need to take a copy of the shortcuts.xml file from the RNAstore directory that relates to your application, your area and your enterprise server name. (Search for the file and find directory structure that matches)

To restore from scratch you will have to create new application (same name delete old one if necessary)

create new HMI server (same name)

use HMI backup and restore Utility to restore your server back up
create new RSlinx enterprise server (same name)
put your copy of shortcuts.xml in its created directory.

Restore the system backup in factory talk administration console.

This may get you somewhere near! I would only recommend this as disaster recovery but that seems to be the case quite often.

P.S. when taking a backup with the HMI backup and restore Utility it is more stable if you backup to an empty directory and then move the backup directory to where you want it. It gives you the option to overwrite an existing one but this fails more often than not overwriting.

Good Luck!