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Texas Instruments TI140 Error
PLC texas Instruments Error 52E

Good Morning!!!

Our company Industrias Elder Tavares SA, is located in Montevideo - Uruguay, where we have a machine mounted with a Texas Instruments TI140 PLC, which works perfectly. In the last week, an error 52E appeared on the screen of the same, and we need to raise this error. For this we are looking for the manual of said PLC, you can. have said manual?

We are waiting your comments

Since already very grateful
Andres Lorenzotti

TI ceased manufacturing and supporting programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other products of its industrial controls business based in Johnson City, Tennessee (the "Business") in October 1991, when it sold the Business to Siemens Automation Systems.

Check suppliers such a Ebay where you can purchase old equipment - Manuals are very difficult to obtain. You could try Siemens Automation in your area or Siemens Germany.

By Bob Peterson on 20 July, 2018 - 9:56 pm

If I remember correctly these products are still supported at least in some part by automation Direct.