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Mk V 3rd Party using HMI TMOS SCADA
Anyone with experience using using 3rd party HMI TMOS SCADA with Mark V


I would like to know if someone out there is using 3rd party HMI TMOS SCADA. How can I get to create a shortcut for RUNG DISPLAY SCREEN (the small icon wiith the "R" letter) in the task bar.

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From within a TMOS graphic you would use something like this:
ADDMENUITEM 20010201 "GT#3 Rungs" 100 "rungdisplay.exe '@settings_scc3.txt /xpos=13 /ypos=40 /center=true /monitor=0 /unit=3 /user=%user%'" ",1,2,22,23,24,"

I have never tried to setup a shortcut to open the tool from somewhere other than a TMOS graphic, but I am sure it can be done with a little experimentation with a batch file.

You might try asking whatever company you purchased your TMOS system from, and also there is a user forum that was started last year you could post the question to: