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Recording Data to Excel for Every Hour For More Points
How to record reading from HMI at every one hour in excel sheet?


I work on gas turbine frame 9fa mark 6e.

I want to record reading from HMI at every one hour to excel sheet and what the language of programming used to call points of reading to excel sheet. For example, for inlet compressor temp is CTIM. how I get this value to excel sheet ever hour daily?

With more or less current excel, select "developer" and you will see "visual basic" that is the most accessible, and it allows you to call external dll's.

Real time monitoring will have to be explored, but you can always read files.


PeakHMI can record data to an Excel spreadsheet with only click and select configuration. No programming. Unless you really want to do some programming. :)

Good luck,


I'm no HMI expert, nor MS-Excel expert, nor CIMPLICITY (PROFICY) expert.

But, it's my understanding that GE ControlST and WorkstationST are OPC-capable. (I believe CIMPLICITY/PROFICY on a GE Mark VIE HMI is actually a "viewer" that gets its data via OPC.) You may be able to find some kind of MS-Excel add-in for CIMPLICITY/PROFICY that can be used to grab data for your purposes.

Let us know what you find, please!

By Fred Loveless on 15 April, 2019 - 12:31 pm

What is the HMI that you are using? That HMI may allow you to log data to a CSV file which can then be opened in excel. If the HMI allows DDE connections you can probably connect from excel to read the data and log it to a spread sheet but that would mean that you need to keep excel open all of the time. If the HMI allows for OPC UA or DA connections then you can use any number of products out there to create simple client and log the data from.

Provide us more details and we can provide you with better and cleaner options.