AB Panelview 1200 Problem Downloading *URGENT*


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I'm using old PDS DOS software to do some developmental changes and when I tried to download the new changes to the Panelview 1200 it says that it is transfering then after awhile it will give me a "PLC Communication Lost" error. I've checked baud rates and they work because I was able to download a smaller sized 1 screen Panelview program but when I tried to download the larger size (does not exceed max memory) it has that "PC Communication Lost" error and I have no idea why and can't get any programs loaded to the panelview... any suggestions??? Rack assignments are left the same as previous so this is not an issue, not a cable problem since I was able to download a smaller type program, PLC was put in RUN mode so this is not the issue, terminating resistor is installed on PLC so this is not it... I'm out of ideas!

Bob Peterson

Sounds like you are trying to do a network download. These are pretty iffy on old Panelviews. Try downloading through the serial port.
*UPDATE* Changed Options->User Memory Limit to 128k within the PDS-DOS application. It was defaulted at 62k and apparently the Panelview 1200 had more memory added.

Curt Wuollet

I've seen this sort of thing when using a laptop if either the power saving or the screensaver times out. If the power management changes speed, etc. it can drop your communications if they are time critical. Try punching the shift key or other do nothing key every minute or so to keep the machine awake. Or it could just be another DOS box quirk. Try using real DOS. If you are using real DOS try unloading any TSRs. Try using a desktop if you are using a laptop. Some laptops overdo the low power thing.

Tips from someone who has spent many hours downloading stuff back when you were amazed if it did complete, and endless patience getting audio tape backups reloaded.