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Has anyone been able to use the pic module under windows 2000? When I open RSLinx, there is not even an option to use the PIC module anymore. Is this no longer available under 2000? I realize that it has the same driver issues as NT 4.0, but NT still let me do it if I rebooted the machine
enough times.

--Joe Jansen
Joe, Windows 2000 (Win2K) will not support your DH-485 PIC device. You must purchase an 1784-KT or 1784-PCMK card and 1784-PCM4/B cable from A-B(about $1500) to communicate with SLC 5/0*.
I went through this already, when you get them, you will need to 'configure drivers' in RSLinx for it to work. Micrologix will still work as it is an RS-232 device though. Hope this helps. PS: You may have to have a 'dual' boot disk with Win2K/98 for the short term. Mark Auberg



Originally, Microsoft blocked the PIC driver (and software like it), so many distributions of RSLinx went out with no Win2K PIC driver. The issues were resolved, and that driver has been available for free download since August 2001. Surprisingly, the issues were resolved so well that you can load and unload the driver under Win2K without rebooting!

It's also in the current release, v2.31, and even if you are using RSLinx Lite, I recommend that you download and use v2.31, rather than patching
your current version.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Brian E Boothe

You have to go get a Hotfix patch to fix that issue; I ran into the same thing; you just goto AB site and software downloads and youll see