AB PLC RSlogic5000 and Review ME installed in Window 7


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Did anybody know or have a experience about installing AB PLC softwares such RSlogic5000 and Rsview ME in the Windows 7 system? If they can be installed in the Window 7, which versions can be used? Are they stable working in the Window 7? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Peterson

I have not had any trouble, nor have I heard of anyone else having any unusual problems. CPR 9 is the current rev level.

RSLogix5 and the KT drivers in general do seem to have some issues in W7.But it does not seem to be an across the board kind of thing.


James Rayburn

If nothing else you can try a virtual machine. I use WinXP-sp3 in virtualbox for everything. I have one VM for Step 7 & WinCC, another for RSLogix 5000 and Factorytalk View, and another for Intouch. They're all in separate VMs so they don't compete for services and it works great.

J.D. Wheelis

Rockwell does provide some information on how to install their older software in virtual machines; they support (at some level - they'll answer questions on installing under a VM) VMWare virtual machines. So if you do need an older RSLogix 5000 install for older controllers (CPR 9 doesn't support some of the older controller revs) then use a virtual machine. I used VMWare on Windows 7 running Windows XP in the VM.

I'm not sure about RSView ME and if it can be installed on Windows 7 - check Rockwell's web site.