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I need to provide security for operator so that he is unable to close alarm history in View for Intellution FIX32 v7.0. Alarm history gets refreshed or data is purged when alarm history is closed and opened again. Hence i should disable this feature for a operator. I dont know which security feature should be disabled for the operator in security configuration?
Any suggestions?

I presume that you are launching the alarm history program with a button on the
interface, but I'm not entirely sure why you object to it refreshing. If you
need to have a more permanent record of the alarm history then you have a couple
of options:

- In the system configuration utility (SCU) go to the alarm configuration screen
and enable an alarm printer. All alarms from that node (in the selected alarm
areas) will be printed, provided there is a printer attached. If the alarm
networking service is enabled then it will print all alarms in the selected
alarm areas regardless of the originating node.
- Also in the alarm config screen of the SCU you can enable the alarm file
service. This will create a dated file (yymmdd.alm) of all alarms and
application messages in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately this is not real-time
like the alarm history, so you must wait until after midnight to access the
previous day's alarm history.
- If you create an Alarm Summary link it will not purge alarms unless
specifically told to delete them. I'm not sure what the maximum number of
alarms it can hold is, but I'm sure it's at least 200.

Note: all of this is from our version of FIX32 which is 6.15. I am assuming
that most of this has not changed in version 7.0.

Dean Reimer
the problem which i am talking about is that the operator tends to close the alarm history window after veiwing it and so the next time he views it the page is refreshed and only by exiting view and seeing the alarm og files can he view the pres alarms again. i have enabled alarm logging as you have mentioned but is there any security option where i can prevent the operator from clsoing Can i disable the 'X' button in the alarm histtemplate?