Backing up a Directory on GT MARK V Control System

hasith, has a very fast 'Help' feature cleverly hidden at the far right of the Menu bar at the top of every desktop webpage. The syntax isn't like most Internet search engines; use the Search 'Help' for details.

Using "pkzip" in the Search box (with the double quotations), I found this near the bottom of the Search results:

It should help. I believe the instructions create the ZIPfiles in the current directory, so you'll have to copy them to a floppy disk. I believe the instructions also presume PKZip is in the current directory, or in a working PATH directory.

If you need to ZIP the G:\EXEC directory, it will have to be done using the PKZip "spanning" option across multiple floppies. If you need help with that, I'll have to look through some old notebooks, or you can just type:

pkzip /?

at the DOS prompt to get the Help for PKZip program.

Hope this helps!