Changing ARCNET Card


Any procedure to change ARCNET card (MARK V IDOS) with ISA bus to ARCNET with PCI bus?

Our frame 6 units work on Mark V speedtronic IDOS using ARCNET ISA communication card. We want to change the computers, but in the new design there is no ISA slot there for it. We want to find way to solve this problem.


In my knowledge and experience, IDOS cannot be used with anything other than an ISA bus ARCnet card. The driver for the ARCnet card was never modified by GE to be able to use a PCI bus ARCnet card.
There at least three decent options for an HMI for GE Mark V turbine controls.

1) GE. Expect to spend at least USD50,000.00 or more, and expect the unit(s) to be down for as much as a week. It may also require PROM changes in the Mark V, maybe even card changes. It's messy, complicated, extremely poorly documented, and has very poor historical trending capabilities as typically supplied. The most expensive option and the most work and the least user-friendly.

2) TMOS, a European product marketed and supported by at least two companies around the world. Not the smoother user interface, and not great documentation (though it's somewhat better than what GE provides, it's still lacking).

3) IBECS <ITC>, a product of CSE Engineering, Inc. It's not being marketed and supported by MD&A Turbines, LLC, out of Fort Collins, CO, USA, and TCSH bv out of the Netherlands. Very smooth user interface, great historical trending capabilities as typically supplied, and decent documentation (though it's very simple and most people can pick it up very quickly and seem to like it). It's a complete replacement for and <I> or GE Mark V HMI.

Best of luck!