Comm between PC/PPI and CPU 214


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I have a laptop with no RS 232 port and a multi master PC/PPI cable RS 485/RS232.

Can I use a USB to RS 232 serial port adapter to connect the laptop to a CPU 214 using that multi master PC/PPI cable?

I suppose you will have a problem...

Here's a FAQ from the support website...

Program download not possible in S7-21x CPU with S7-200 USB/PPI or RS-232/ PPI Multi Master Cable
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Entry ID: 17581314
Date: 11/18/2003

Why can a program download not be carried out into different S7 200 CPUs of the 1st generation by means of S7 200 USB/PPI or RS 232/PPI multi master cable?

In an attempt to execute a program download into different CPUs of the 1st generation (S7 21 x) the following system message appears: "This function is not supported by the CPU."
This message occures when using the S7-200 RS-232/ PPI Multi Master Kabel (6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0) or the S7-200 USB/ PPI Multi Master Kabel (6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0) in connection with older releases of the S7-21x CPU.

The new USB and PC/PPI multi master cable cannot be used with all S7 200 CPUs of the 1st generation. These communication cables only work together with the CPUs 212 and 214, starting at release 1.10 or higher, or all CPUs 215 and 216.
CPUs of the production series 212 and 214, with releases less then 1.10 do not support the communication protocol required for the downloads into the CPU.