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Vicente Torres Cebrián

I would like to know which is the simplest option to communicate plc SIEMENS (S7-300) who uses PROFIBUS DP with another one of TELEMECANIQUE (Monitor PRO) that uses MODBUS. They have commented to me which I can use a card of communications of SIEMENS CP341 with drivers for protocol MODBUS, but not where I can obtain them.

Another option for you would be a gateway from ProLinx. Prolinx makes a Modbus to Profibus gateway. Check for more info, I believe the unit you want is the 4104 or 4105 depending on Profibus master or slave.


Zan Von Flue

Take a look at the siemens online Catalog-- CP341 loadable drivers. On the first page is the driver for Modbus. Don't use the search machine, you won't find it. Please inform me if the is the correct driver. I most likely will also need it.
Monitor PRO has several drivers options to communicate with all PLC vendors including Siemens. So check your Monitor PRO supplier to identify the driver that allow you to communicate with Siemens.

If you need more help E-mail me at [email protected] I might be able to be of more help
You can visit siemens website:
You can find Cp341 under the folder_automation system_industrial automation systems_PLC_Simatic S7;
Or Email to siemens technical support:
[email protected]