ControlWave -> BSAP IP -> Kepware Slow Update Time


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Dave Ongena

We have an iFix scada using a Kepware BSAP driver to talk to a Bristol Babcock ControlWave PLC. Values take ~11 min to update. Scan times in iFix and Kepware are 5 sec or less. I created a test OPC item in the Kepware OPC Quick Client with a scan rate of 250 msec and also takes 11 min to update. I'm leaning toward something in the PLC that would cause this delay in communication, however I am not at all familiar with what settings in a ControlWave might cause this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mitch Stripp

I demoed the kepware bristol ip driver to migrate from the ifix BR3 Driver to the kepware opc. I didn't spend much time on it however I noticed the same functionality the updates were extremely slow...

If you find a solution or more information please let me know.

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