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In our YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS-2 DCS we have 6 ICSs, 3 each for a section. We have 2 sections. If we connect alarm printers to these ICSs, they print alarm in duplicate.i.e the same alarm is printed two times. Moreover the alarm from one section gets printed in other section's printer also. I am wasting a lot of paper because of this. Please help me overcome this problem.


Could be a couple of things, although the alarm handling system on the Yokogawa Centum series is less than acceptable.

1). Maybe your are printing both ANS+ and recorver alarms.

2). On your engineeing workstation check your alarm printing options, only one HMI should be controlling the printing application.

Maybe you could provide me with a little more info. I have commissioned a few Yokogawa Centum systems.

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Dear Mihirr,

I'm Yokogawa Engineer and has been commissioning and maintaing Centum CS systems in SHELL and PETRONAS installations since begining of 1995
(since revision R1.07 !!! current revision is R2.12.xx and above).

The inconvenience that are currently experiencing can be very easily remedied.

Printer output (eg. Message1..4) can be redirected under:
Builder_Menu -> ICS_Builder -> ICS_Configuration

You can enable/disable (Process, Systems) alarms under:
Builder_Menu -> ICS_Builder -> Operation_Group

p/s: By the way, I have also written amazingly complex and usefull unix tools for managing Centum CS engineering related activities. All my
users here are using them, and loving it.

Good luck.

Cameron McDonald

Sounds like you need to change the OPEGROUPS (alarm grouping) for those ICS's connected to printers.

Do operators from different sections get each other's alarms also? You should modify each ICS's OPEGROUP (look in ICS builder) to limit alarms to specific FCS's. You can modify direction of alarms from each FCS to screen, printer and history file. Make sure you modify each mode (A, B, and OFF).

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