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Atul Shah

I have a application for implimenting Ethernet Network for RTU's within a distance of 2KM. Total no. of RTU's within 2 KM end to end distance is 20nos.

The distance between RTU's range from 15 to 200 mtrs. The end to end distance of the fiber optic network will not exceed 2 KM.

The scheme I'm looking for is a ring network of Fiber Cable with nodes for RTU. This would be some what similar to RS485 network.

Things I request for the above are:
1. Is this kind of network feasible?
2. Who will be able to give me Electrical Cable to Fiber Optic convertor modules?

Thanks in advance.

Atul Shah
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Raoul Huisman

Hirschmann has a very nice component called the RailSwitch RS1 or RS2. You can create a fibre optic ethernet 'ring' 10 Mbit or 100 Mbit. Each RailSwitch has 5 or 8 UTP connections.

Look at

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Raoul Huisman
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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

Dear Atul:
You will find an excelent explanation of the technology at:

These are suppliers of the kind of equipment you need.

The themes contemplated in the tutorial are the following:

2.Fiber Optic Basics
3.Basic Cable Design
4.General Cable Information
5.Different Types of Cable
7.A Cross Section of Various Cable Types
8.Wave Division Multiplexers

Hope it helps.
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