Ethernet to Serial and Back


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Steve Williams

I am looking to broadcast RS-485 two wire signal as IP using a satellite uplink and have the receiver then change the data over IP back to RS-485.

Basically, I have a system that uses a hand controller with RS-485 protocol, and I want to control that system remotely and transmit over satcom.

I can handle everything related to the network, and can easily handle the 485 to ethernet conversion with simple hardware. I can uplink/downlink with more sophisticated hardware, but COTS nonetheless. The problem is once the main platform receives the IP and the satcom router transmits to the network switch, how do I take the signal received at the switch and convert back to an RS-485 serial protocol?
You seem to have almost answered your own question:
If you can 'easily handle the 485 to ethernet conversion with simple hardware' than presumably you can 'easily handle the ethernet to 485 conversion with simple hardware'(no protocol conversion involved).