Serial RS232 over Ethernet


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What would you recommend for communicating with a serial RS232 based device over a local LAN network?

I have seen several types of serial Ethernet device servers from different vendors, can I use such a device? and which brand would you recommend as a good and reliable while still keeping the price reasonable?

Eddie Willers

Lantronix is the market leader and would be my first choice. I like the UDS1100 and the XPress-DR.

If you need a particular industrial protocol, like EtherNet/IP or DF1 or Modbus, you're going to need one of the more expensive specialty devices.

For ordinary serial port virtualization, almost any device will work. I would budget $300 for a decent one.

What exact devices and software do you need to connect using this Ethernet/Serial port server?
My memory of serial printers was that they needed flow control - small buffer memories and comparitively long execution times to empty the buffer onto paper (from quite some time ago).

I haven't a clue how a serial/ethernet converter handles hardware flow control. Conversion to X-on X-off? It's not like there's a pair of serial modems, where the control signals could be packed along with the data. The ethernet end has no CTS, RTS, whatever.