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simon walker

I am moving to devicenet and considering the cabling. Distance is not a problem as the longest distance is only about 300ft. I like the idea of the flat cabling and vampire connectors. Is there a limit to how many vampires I put on there, for example, if I prewire my conveyors I could simply snap them together on site. The alternative is the large cabling with the big connectors. I am not sure about prices yet either.

I can not find modulating valves on devicenet either or a 4-20mA output. I could use flex but I am making a statement and would prefer to use all devicenet.

Last but not least, what is the best way to talk between an ethernet network and existing DH+ (not a lot of data)?


R.A. Hulsebos

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Burkert makes modulating valves that work on DeviceNet. Go to www.burkert.com. Omron makes a DRT1-DA02 Analogue output module. 2 outputs
that can be configured for 4-20 mA. This is the only stand alone module I have found. There are other vendors such as Beckhoff that sell DeviceNet
communication module that can be used with numerous types of I/O. Check out the ODVA website.

Roy Speers AScT
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Steve Godfrey

For DeviceNet wiring, I have found that flat is much easier to wire and there is no limit to how many vampires you can put on. Check for both prices with your vendor and weight the pricing with ease of wiring.

To look for modulating valve go to ODVA.org, they have a full list of DeviceNet compliant devices.

As for DH+ to EtherNet, the easiest way is through a ControlLogix gateway. All you need is a rack, power supply, an EtherNet card and a DH/RIO card.

Steve Godfrey A.Sc.T
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Weyerhaeuser Canada
Yes but be aware that the 1756 DHRIO card only supports 56k Baudrate. I got caught on this one and Rockwell has not come back with an answer why the new Controllogix platform even being a later product does not support all DH+ baudrates.

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Marshall, Philip

Have you considered AS-I? It is a flat cable vampire technology that has both pneumatic valves and 4-20mA output modules available from several
vendors. It is not as sophisticated as DeviceNet but for conveyors it is usually good enough according to our conveyor OEM's. Wiring is "free form" as long as its less then 100 meters of cable and has no minimum distances between nodes or terminating resistors so it can be significantly easier to use. Typically it is significantly less expensive then DeviceNet if you
don't need DeviceNet's functionality.

There are many gateways available as well including DH+, Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, etc.

Phil Marshall
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.