Fuzzy Logic for Honeywell TDC3000

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Waddell, Reginald E

I have an application in which I would like to implement using fuzzy logic.
Has anyone implemented fuzzy logic in a Honeywell TDC3000 Application
Module? If so, how did you structure the CL code?

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Dear sir,

We are also trying to implement fuzzy logic in VB application. if u know please tell me. i think by this time u might have got solved the problem.
please send mail how to solve it. i will be grateful to you.

thanking u sir,


Reggie Waddell

I finally wrote the fuzzy logic control algorithm using Honeywell's CL programming language. It was tedious, but it works very well. Send me your
email address and we can discuss it.

Reggie Waddell
Control Engineer
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