Gateway between Honeywell PLC and GE-Fanuc 90-70


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Rajesh Kenge

I am trying to connect a honeywell PLC and GE Fanuc 90-70 PLC on a Ethernet. Can anybody suggest me a gateway between the 2 makes. I want to transfer data from Honeywell PLC and GE-Fanuc PLC via a network Link. Is it possible??

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rajesh 13/6/2001


Raymond van der Tas

You could use the following components:

- OPC Server for Honeywell
- OPC Server for GE
- ICONICS DataWorX32 OPC Gateway

DataWorX32 is a software component which allows you to create the OPC links between the source and destination OPC Item (tags).

In case the source and destination OPC Servers reside accross a multidomain intranet/internet you will need to get DataWorX32 version 6.1 to make the links work.

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Richard Theron - FieldServer

Hi Rajesh

Would you be connecting from GE-EGD or GE-SNP to C-bus ?

I am not sure what protocols and connections you have available.

There could be a couple of options.


Richard Theron
Anything possible, time & money only limits! hah

SST has the "X-link" gateway product that can bridge between the 2 protocols.

Unless you have the ability to run the GE HCT SRTP Enet protocol on the Honey or communicate to each via an HMI of sorts acting as a "virtual bridge" to "map" the data over you have a dilema. Someone ( Honey or GE9070) has to initiate the comm channel and content packet i.e.; using commreqs in the 9070.
or EtherNet Global Data "EGD" if supported by the Honeywell.
What model PLC Honeywell??

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Alfredo Quintero


I do not know how to connect through Ethernet these two PLCs. However, I can propose Profibus. The SST's 5136-PFB-VME can sit in a GE 90-70, either standard 90-70 or the new PACSystem, and act as a Profibus DP slave. Another SST card, the SST-PFB-CLX works on the Honeywell PlantLogix system and Honeywell has a function block to configure the SST-PFB-CLX as a DP master. With this configuration the two CPUs can exchange 244 bytes both ways (that is 488 in total) at a very fast rate (12 Mbaud if the distance between the 2 is less than 100 metres.).