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Hey if some one has any information about the GE Fanuc Series One Junior PLC, software, where to get the cable to communicate with a PC or any other accesory for it, please because in my job there's a couple of applications with this kind of control but any one knows who or when has programmed... they asked me to check the programs because some errors in the process has been detected... thanks for your attention i hope you can help me

Daniel Chartier

In the GE Fanuc website, you can still order hardcopies of Series One Junior PLCs (no pdfs).
On the other hand, the GE Series one were built by Koyo, originally. On the webpage you can get manuals and softwares to talk to them, with certain restrictions. Look at the following link to find out if your CPu conforms to Koyo specs:


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Daniel Chartier
I've been looking for a while, to no avail.
The old TI-soft stuf is compatible with the SERIES one, but not with the Jr.
GE website offers a "legacy products" CD, but I hear that won't help.
Good-luck to you. Let me know how you make out.
Russ Miller
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Steve Bailey

Try Automation Direct. The Series One Junior was made by Koyo, so AD may be able to help you. GE has manuals for the Junior, but they never converted them to .pdf format. You could try contacting a GE Fanuc distributor who has had PLCs for 15 years or more to see if they still have any S1 Jr. documentation.

Your best bet for programming the Junior is the handheld programmer. Again, check with Automation Direct to see if the D3-HPP or the D2-HPP will work.

There was programming software for the Junior from GE, called Logicmaster 1 Jr, but it was not capable of going online to monitor a running program. You could only upload and download a program when the PLC was stopped.

I still have a Series One Junior manual, so if you have a specific question, feel free to contact me.

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I am the GE Fanuc distrubutor and we just did a Jr upgrade/convert to GE 9030 recently. We have the old hardware, programming cable, special converter box, programming software, and a tool that will convert the old program to new GE9030 PLC code. GE website should have manuals. What do you want? email me off list.

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Ahmed AbdelAAL

Send me ur e-mail I will send to you the software .and about the cable , I used the rack to rack cable with work master and u can use it urself.