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Hello guys,

I am a recently hired plant engineer who is working with a GE7Fa HRSG. In the past we have had trouble in outages when having to remove the turbine roof. I have not been a part of this yet, but apparently when we disconnect the wire to get the roof off we just leave the slack hanging off the side. It is a very slow process and has caused a lot of damage to our wiring in the past.

Our thought was to make a sort of "Quick connect" that would allow us to easily disconnect the roof wires and remove/reinstall the roof while leaving the wiring in place. My initial thought was a row of essentially junction boxes across the top of the wall, and just run the existing wiring through them, and there is your point of disconnect.

I know I am not the first plant to do this, but nobody in my plant has been involved before, does anyone here have any experience with this sort of project? Any words of advice would be appreciated.

On another note let me give a thanks to everyone here, I am very new to this industry and the information here has been invaluable. I have a lot to learn and am happy I stumbled upon this site.
We have done the same thing you speak of for our 2 7EA machines for the roof of the turbine compartment, load comparment and other areas that require romoval for turbine activities. We have mounted junction boxes on the roof with terminal strips for wiring. This has worked well for wiring for fans, switches and other devices on the roof. Our desire was to speed the process of roof removal and installation as well as to reduce the damage to wiring.

Some may argue that it introduces another connection and source for resistance etc. But for us it has worked very well and I would do it again given the chance.

Young Engineer

Thanks for the advice, it sounds like a good idea to me as well. In my opinion it doesn't seem overly complicated or risky, but I wouldn't want to open up a can of worms - glad to hear it worked well for you, I can now sleep a little easier moving forward on this.