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I have a requirement to provide a graphical description using ‘Grafcet’. From what I can tell it’s a program for displaying sequential steps of a program/process. Can you recommend software for this application? Are there add-ons for MS word or other software? Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Chartier


Grafcet is available as an add-on program on Schneider and Siemens PLCs (this includes development, debugging and visualisation software); in the Allen-Bradley world, it is called SFC (sequential file chart). It is also one of the IEC61133-3 languages for PLCs.

Basically, if you only need to develop the Grafcet diagram for your application, use Visio or any graphical display package. You can easily translate the diagram to ladder logic; check for Grafcet tutorials on Google.

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Daniel Chartier
Hi you should use Telemecanicque PL 7 Micro or higher. Grafcet is included like ioptional language to program. Then you can use a edition and pronter options to make a documentation.

I hope thats helps you.
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You can use Microsoft visio for drawing a Grafcet. I know that a specific library exist but the standart soft can do the job.

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Jeremy Pollard

Grafcet was created a while ago - check out FAMIC on the web. Replaced by SFC (IEC-61131) Check out for more info on the visual presentation. Visio will provide the graphics part but no link to the underlying code.

Grafcet and SFC are not languages but rather organizational tools with underlying code.

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