Help for a Design Engineering Student - spray coating forging and forming samples


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John Storr

Hi everyone,

I'm a fourth year Design Engineering student within the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. My main project this year is to design a system to spray coat forming and forging samples for an organisation called the Advanced Forming Research Centre, who focus on advancing technologies in forging and forming for the aerospace industry.

I am posting looking for some advice. I have some mechatronic control knowledge from the past years at University, and for this system I am designing I have got to the stage where I will be building a prototype demonstrator. The system will be required to consistently spray coat sample pieces prior to forging and forming processes. My aim is to build a demonstrator for a semi-automated system and I am unsure as to what mechatronic control units and components I will need. I will not specifically need to build a fully working spray coating system, but rather a proof of concept demonstrator, so the actual act of spraying could be substituted with something as simple as a solenoid activating. I do want to demonstrate however the automation in the system, I have been looking into microprocessor units and my thoughts are to buy an Arduino Uno as the brain of the system. If anyone on here could advise me on what over control components (transducers, position sensors, motors, in/out controls) I might need for the system it would be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any help,