Honeywell Experion PKS Server Failure

Recently we had system crash and all HDD’s in Experion PKS primary server are failed. The system working properly with secondary without backup.
We restored primary server with help of EBR server but, unfortunately the backup was old (2018) (EBR stopped to take backup from 2018 due to storage full)
After 2018, we have made lot of modifications in C200 logics and Displays and that all available in secondary server which is running.
After restoring from EBR to primary server, Whenever we synchronize the primary with running secondary, The old backup only restoring in both servers and we lose all modifications done from 2018.
We tried to take latest backup from secondary server which is running but, that also getting error and not allowing to export DB’s or blocks from control builder. Refer attached.Control Builder Error.jpeg
Please let us know how to get sync from secondary to primary server. Thanks