Honeywell I/O Failures During Lightning Storms

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Waddell, Reginald E

We are currently experiencing DCS (Honeywell TDC3000) hardware failures
during lightning storms. During these storms, we have seen failures of
analog input cards, HPM I/O link cards, as well as noise errors on the UCN
cables. We are evaluating the grounding (earthing) of our DCS system and are
wondering if anyone has experienced similar DCS failures? If so, do you have
any recommendations as to how to correct it.


Reginald Waddell
Control Engineer
Cooper River Plant
[email protected]

Jack Matheney

Mr. Waddell,
You are on the right path by checking the grounding of your TDC system. The LCN/UCN installation manual specs out the grounding requirements even in a lighting prone area. I've worked with TDC systems and everytime I had this problem grounding issues were to blame. If you are a SE&SP customer with TAC support I would suggest that you contact Al Pelligreni at HON TAC. Al is the expert on power & grounding issues. You can even get him to come on-site and survey your power and grounding. Good luck with your efforts
Jack Matheney

Grounding is a good place to start. Make sure there is zero potential between the reference ground and the equipment ground. One other area to check are the shielding terminations near the FTA's. The FTA's are isolated from the cabinet, and on some FTA styles the shield can ground this out if inserted to far.

Good Luck

Chris Shea