Hydraulic Ratchet Control in GE Frame V MS5002B


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I want to know if anyone can help me with a description of the Hydraulic Ratchet Control in MS5002B, I haven't P&ID or logics or manuals.

The only one information i have is the signals 20CS-1 (I know this signal is for a solenoid valve of the starting clutch and Ratchet Operation), 33CS-1 (JAw clutch engaged), but i don't have information about the physical signals 43HR-1 and 33HR-1. Somebody knows the logic or behavior of these digital inputs.


Sorry. I haven't the best english, greetings.

This topic has been covered MANY TIMES on control.com

There is a 'Search' field at the far right side of the Menu bar at the top of every control.com webpage. Do use the Search 'Help' first.

Try searching for:

"hydraulic ratchet"

+"hydraulic ratchet"

+hydraulic +ratchet


Or any of the signal names you listed.

Write back with questions after you've read several of the threads.