Hydrostatic Tank Gauging System


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Manohar Joshi

Refer: Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 3 : Tank gauging Section 1B : Standard Practice for Level Measurement of Liquid Hydro carbons in Stationary Tanks by Automatic Tank Gauging. - HTG

I am Manohar Joshi, working for ABB Automation in India. We are in the business of Automation of Petroleum and Chemical Industry. We have executed various projects in Offsite Automation. We are one of the regular users of the above manual.

We are finding very difficult in evaluating the pressure sensors in case of Hydrostatic Tank Gauging System. As per Section 1B of Standard Practice for Level Measurement of Liquid Hydrocarbons in Stationary Tanks, HTG. Refer B. HTG equipment section says that:

"The pressure sensor shall be accurate stable, and temperature characterized,
Inaccuracy, including ambient temperature effects, should typically be less than +/- 0.02 percent of the upper range value. The pressure sensor shall be free from long term
drift ..." Unquote

In view of this no supplier can give this accuracy in to-days market. Only Rosemount claims that their transmitters model 3001C can give accuracy of +/- 0.02 % of URL at reference
level. When it comes to the total accuracy even Rosemount' s accuracy is coming to +/- 0.05 % URL.

In this regard we would like to get authentic feed back from any of the List members. The accuracy specified here is not giving much relevance. This is a great concern to us, and also some of our important customers. You are requested to kindly clarify.

We are very keen to here from API also.


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Frank van Bekkum

Mr. Joshi, I don't know whether you are still interested in an answer, but perhaps I might help. I've been involved in the creation of said

My name is Frank van Bekkum, and you can contact me via email at [email protected].