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Is there any other way than HART protocol to change the parameters of Fisher valves?

I do not have the communicator..
You don't say which positioner you have. Some positioners have keypads and a menu.

But if you have to use HART, this blurb
says Fisher's Fieldvue "digital valve controllers (positioners) with HART communications can be integrated into process control systems that support FDT technology. That might mean that there is a DTM file for use with Pactware software, a Windows app for instrument configuration.

Pactware is a free download from Krohne and Vega. A USB HART modem is needed to connect to the HART loop.

Free means no support, you're on your own.
You can purchase HART communicator software from several companies. You can ask someone who does have a communicator, like your local Fisher rep, to lend it to you or configure the valve for you. And you can always purchase a HART communicator. Emerson likes to sell them.


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