InTouch DASMBTCP split 32bit Word into Bytes, Nibbles?

Hi all,

Does anyone know a way to split a 32bit Modbus integer into 8bit integers in Wonderware InTouch 2012 using DASMBTCP?

I have an PLC in which I am publishing the PLC date and time structures into 2 holding registers each. Modbus 30061-62 and 30063-64.

The date and time are sent as 32bit integers in the format YYYYMMDD and DWHHMMSS (DW = day of week).

So to decode the hour, I need to parse bits 16 to 23 of the 32bit TIME word into a separate 8bit integer.

Any help is appreciated and YES I have a valid WW support agreement, I just like to learn by doing.

Thanks, Will