Is IoT an Inherently Dangerous Movement?


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The recent IoT (internet of things) meme seeks to connect everything, potentially, with everything else. That is a dangerous idea. It trades safety for comfort and enables attacks on personal, local, country, and global infrastructure for a generally unneeded bit of convenience. To paraphrase Ben Franklin: They that can give up essential security to obtain a little temporary convenience deserve neither.

It is more advantageous for personnel and equipment safety and security to have intelligent local control. But what are we to do? The internet, combined with all things increasingly remote-controlled, promotes greater vulnerability to digital attacks.

In defense of our personal privacy and our possessions resistance to attack, <i>Natural Logic of Space and Time</i> is a possible method of hack-proof local control for critical process functions. This method includes a system of reactive logic that can sense live events in a physical process and dynamically relate them to each other for monitoring rather than to (static) numbers or spaces in memory, as is done by all computational devices. The new non-computational method insures safe and immediate autonomous local control of personnel- and equipment-safety functions and isolation (of those functions) from interlopers that could gain access via the internet.

Curt Wuollet

Yes, it is, and will remain so for the forseeable future. To do it safely would largely remove the convenience. But it will continue none the less.

But, compared to the existing stupidity of controlling most crucial services and critical resources with a single vendor's porous, routinely compromised product (for convenience) makes the future issues almost trivial. The IoT will at least be somewhat more diverse and not the best possible case for cyberterrorism. So, if your hair isn't standing on end now, I wouldn't worry about a more secure, but still insecure future.