Is there a free ANSI-C Compiler


Michael R. Batchelor

One can actually use Visual Studio and force it (gcc) to build and work directly in Windows without the cygwin environment, or at least I've heard urban legends of people doing so. But I'm not exactly sure what good that would do you unless you really wanted to write everything from scratch. I can't imagine how you could get it to link to the MFC libs, and without those Windows is pretty useless. (OK, some people think it's useless irrespective.)
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One should remember that all this generosity is strongly influenced by the availability of gcc under the GPL. But, I do credit Borland with the first real "compiler for the masses" with Turbo Pascal for under $100.00. Unheard of at the time. In fact, this was the product that made Borland. Unfortunately they screwed it up about version 4, IMHO. Thousands of PC owners learned to program with TP, myself included. Version 2 was my favorite. Also on the subject, I believe MIX software still sells a capable C compiler at
very low cost.


See also (This is C++ - but free!)

Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
The Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 includes the core tools developers need to compile and link C++-based applications for Windows and the .NET Common Language Runtime – compiler, linker, libraries, and sample code.

File Name: VCToolkitSetup.exe

Download Size: 32181 KB

For learning purposes the Mix C Compiler with debugger can't be beat. You may be able to find it in a book on learning C.